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06/03 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Buy 1101.75, Sell 1100.75.  Percent r long signal.  It got to +2.25 pts and I just pulled off a little early since it got so close to the break-even strike and was clearly not working.  Result: -$100.

Trade #2 – Buy 1099.50, Sell 1102.50.  15 min percent r chart gave a long that I was too slow to get into.  Got in 2 pts late but the trade got it’s ultimate target.  Result: +$300.

Trade #3 – Buy 1191.75, Sell 1191.75.  100% IB extension was 1191.25.  The mkt was trending down but felt like do for a reversal.  I bailed solely on fear.  Result:  Scratch.

Trade #4 – Buy 659.8, Sell 659.8.  These next 2 trades were attempts to get long because of the reversal at the 100% IB ext.  Also the TF gave a short signal on a green bar, where the ES gave a red bar (nullifying the signal because they fail so often).  Knowing that trade fails, I faded it trying to get long.  This trade got +1.5 which I then moved the stop to break-even.   This was a good move as the trade would have eventually reach -2 pts.  Result:  Scratch.

Trade #5 – Buy 659.8, Sell 662.8.  This was another play at the previous trade.  I essentially bought on it’s way back up as I noticed it’s resilliency.  Result:  +$300.

Trade #6 – Buy 1102.75, Sell 1102.75.  Stupid Trade.  Result:  Scratch.

Trade #7 – Short 1101.50 (1), Buy 1103.50 (1).  Result:  -$100.

PnL: +$400

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