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06/02 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Short 1075.75, Buy 1073.25.  This was a mechanical %r short signal from the ES chart.  However, this was not from a “close” but from a short signal on the open of the bar.  I took it off for +2.5 because I just felt like it was choppy and might bounce back a good bit.  The trade would go on to get exactly +5 pts.  Result: +$250.

Trade #2 – Short 1074.75, Buy 1074.75.  Got in this as I thought I was about to get a mechanical short signal but it ended up not giving in in the last couple of seconds.  Result:  Scratch

Trade #3 – Buy 1172.50, Sell 1174.50.  After having closed the gap it appeared the price action was heading up.  Plus the ES 5 min gap chart had “setup” but not confirmed.  Result:  +$200

Trade #4 – Short 1074.50, Buy 1074.50.  This trade got to +1.75 pts and since it was after a gap close I just didn’t have a ton of confidence that we’d continue to the short side.  This was a good instinct as it would have continued to a full stop.  Result:  Scratch

Trade #5 – Buy 1077.50, Sell 1079.25.  Mechanical percnet r signal.  The high was 1080.  I had a HVN at 1081.25.  After getting in, we spiked to 1080.75 and just though it was out of gas and therefore pulled it off early.  Result: +$175

Trade #6 – Buy 1078.50, Sell 1077.50.  Although, my instincts were being confirmed as we continued to pullback I thought I would put the trade back on just in case and at least I had banked $75.  Probably should have just trusted my instincts.  Result: -$100

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