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5/27 Trading Recap

Today I definitely still had some sloppy trades.  I keep saying this, but if I had really tightened up today maybe I actually walk away +$300-$400 net.  There were a couple stupid trades I definitely felt like I could have avoided.  With volatility dropping, there is less room to make these errors.

Trade #1 – Short 1087.25, Buy 1088.25.  The ES got confirmed yesterday on the 15 min gap chart right into the close.  I got short on the open today at 1087.25.  With my normal stop it would have been at 1090.25.  I however coughed the cts up at 1088.50 for -1.25 pts.  The trade would have worked out to be break-even.  Results: -$125.

Trade #2 – Buy 1084.75, Sell 1087.  Got a percent r play.  I closed the position when the 15 min bar closed to give a short signal.  Result: = +$225.

Trade #3 – Sell 1086.25, Buy 1087.25.  So with the 15 min chart giving a percent r short I took the trade.  I got in 1 pt late because it looked like it could have gone either way.  The trade got within 1 tick of my target to get +3.75 pts of unrealized gain (4.75 from the mechanical entry).  The price action was so fast too it would have been tough to grab anything more than 3 pts with time to think about it.  Plus all signs were pointing to a potential continued down move.  Results: -$100.

Trade #4 – Buy 1091.50, Sell 1091.50.  Not a TF percent r trade but a percent r trade from the ES chart.  I also jumped the gun and got in 2 ticks early (didn’t wait for the close).  Ending up scratching before I got +2.5 but that would have been the same result.  I was nervous in the trade though.  Actually it was a good trade.  The TF was not moving and the ES was clearly the chart to take signals from today.  If you front run, only do 1 ct in the future.  Result:  Scratch.

Trade #5 – Buy 1093.25, sell 1090.25.  This was a trade was sketch at best.  So it was from the percent r signal from trade 4.  It started working so I hopped on to only see it go all the way back to the entry.  When it gets to this point in a trade, I really just need to be ok with with missing it.  Result: -$300.

Trade #6 – Sell 1093.50, Buy 1090.50.  Retest of the highs on a choppy day with a +1000 tick reading.  Result: +$300.

Trade #7 – Buy 1092, Sell 1093.  Result: +$100.

Trade #8 – Sell 1094.50, Buy 1098.50.  Result: -$400.

Trade #9 – Sell 1095.50, Buy 1095.50.  Result: Scratch.

Trade #10 – Buy 1096, Sell 1098.  Result: +$200.

Trade #11 – Buy 1097.50, Sell 1099.50.  Result: +$200.

  • PnL:  +$100
  • High Win:  +$300
  • Avg Win: +$205
  • High Loss: -$400
  • Avg Loss:  -$231.25
  • Avg of Last 10 Winning Days: +$753.09
  • Avg of Last 8 Losing Days: -$693.49
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