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05/26 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Sell 1085.50, Buy 1088.50.  This was a play on me thinking that we were going to be a choppy day and would move to the bottom of the range.  Unfortunately I made the unwise decision of doing this in the middle of range.  If it’s a range day, only make plays at the extremes, never in the middle.  I get stopped out at the high tick (top of range).  Result: -$300.

Trade #2 – Buy 1079.50, Sell 1080.  Result: +$50.

Trade #3 –  Buy 1077, Sell 1076.75.  Result: -$25.

Trade #4 – Buy 1080.75, Sell 1083.25.  Result: +$250.

Trade #5 – Sell 1084.25, Sell 1082.25.  Result: -$100.

Trade #6 – Buy 1079, Sell 1077.  Result: -$200.

Trade #7 – Buy 1077.50, Sell 1075.50.  This was a percent r fade-trade.  Wednesday’s are the worst performance day by far.  Plus we bounced off sig. support and thought that might hold.  Result: -$100.

Trade #8 – Sell 1076.25, Buy 1072.50.  It’s clear the percent r signal seemed to want to work.  The signal was technically at 1077.50 so I definitely got in late here but was still able to ride it to a nice win.  The market went on to much farther downside.  One thing I would be careful to watch in the future is that I really thought this trade wasn’t going to work.  So much, I faded it.  When a trade like that does start to work, I’ve noticed that it has a really good shot of blindsiding people and going on to 10 pt + winners.  Result: +$375.

Trade #9 – Buy 1068.75, Sell 1067.75.  Result: -$50.

Trade #10 -Buy 653.90, Sell 653.50.  Result: -$40.

  • PnL:  -$140
  • High Win:  +$375
  • Avg Win: +$312.50
  • High Loss: -$300
  • Avg Loss:  -$131.67
  • Avg of Last 9 Winning Days: +$825.66
  • Avg of Last 8 Losing Days: -$693.49
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