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05/25 Trading Recap

Although double-edged sometimes, the volatility in the overall ES has provided me opportunity when I’m patient and trade my system as I should.  Today was a good day for me.  We opened down 25 ES pts and had the opportunity for a crash.  However, the market stood it’s ground and reversed at approx. 9:45-9:50 as it often does lately.  We then went on a mega rally as the gap just seemed to act as a magnet until we closed it at the end of the day.  Although we rallied, it was not just straight up action  until the last 30 minutes of trading and there were great opportunities to not only buy pullbacks but even to get in a couple of shorts.

Trade #1 – Buy 619.3, Sell 619.3.  Bought the TF here on an oversold reading with percent r.  TF had actually confirmed but all the other indexes had only setup.  The entire day was very volatile and I just scratched the trade.  Result:  Scratch.

Trade #2 – Buy 620.4, Sell 619.  I had a long bias from the open and this was just another shot.  I mad a bad move selling at 619 but it only cost me commissions and 1 tick.  Result: -$140.

Trade #3 – Buy 619.1, Sell 622.4.  Result: +$330.

Trade #4 – Sell 1052.75, Buy 1052.75.  Mechanical percent short signal from the 15 min chart.  Took the trade because I felt it was a legit signal and the 15 min has been very accurate lately but did not have a lot of faith so pulled the trade off early which was good thing.Result: Scratch.

Trade #5 – Sell 1051, Buy 1052.  This was a mechanical percent r short signal from the 5 min chart.  It had already been stopped (theoretically) but by only 1 pt.  With the added volatility I thought the trade was still in play.  I got to antsy because of the volatility and pulled it off early.  Result: -$100.

Trade #6 – Sell 1050.50, Buy 1046.50.  Tried the trade again.  See trade #5.  Result: +$400.

Trade #7 – Buy 1053, Sell 1052.  I got a mechanical long signal on the 5 min percent r chart.  The entry was 1052 but I got impatient and bought 1053, however the bar would have given the entry.  This frustrated me and I just got out.  Result: -$100.

Trade #8 – Buy 1052, Sell 1056.75.  Ok, second time’s a charm.  I tried to hold for 1058 because of how I messed up trade 7 but decided to just take it for the original target.  Could have gotten 1058.  Result: +$475.

Trade #9 – Buy 1060.75, Sell 1063.25.  Mechanical percent r long signal.  It moved so fast in my direction I got spooked and sold.  It was a good thing because if I had maintained the mechanical rules I would have gotten kicked out for break-even.  Result: +$250.

Trade #10 – Buy 1062, Sell 1065.75.  Another play on the percent r long sig from trade 9 trying to get the original target.  I could have held longer here as the mkt was strong at this point and the gap still had not been closed, but I just took it off for the target.  Result: +$375.

  • PnL:  +$1490
  • High Win:  +$475
  • Avg Win: +$366
  • High Loss: -$140
  • Avg Loss:  -$120
  • Avg of Last 9 Winning Days: +$825.66
  • Avg of Last 7 Losing Days: -$772.56
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