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5/18 Trading Recap

So today was definitely not my best day.  I think I had a relapse and thought I was living back in Salt Lake City because I looked up at the clock and saw 1:45 and truly believed we were 15 minutes away from the close.  I’m not sure if I should, but I do trade a little bit different at the close vs. midday or morning.  Thus I changed my strategy a little and it cost me.  After realizing what I had done, I kind of lost it and way over-traded.  Today I have 17 round trips.  I will almost always lose money on a day where I have 17 trades.  Just not my style of trading where I’m currently at in my career.  I need to continue to focus catching the best 4-5 opportunities each day provides.

Trade #1 – Buy 1144.25, Sell 1143.25.  ES was +2 pts into a pre-market percent r long signal.  The TF looked really strong.  I got long hoping for a full target (+5 pts).  I ended up taking the trade off for -1 pt.  The trade said to allow 2 pts.  The trade would have gone to -2 pts and then gone up for the full target.  Result: -$100.

Trade #2 – Short 1144, Buy 1147.25.  This was a mechanical short given by my 9:35 percent r fade system.  The entry was 1144 with a  stop at 1147. I actually had some slippage (1 tick) on the exit above.   The top was 1147.50 so I got stopped out by only 2 ticks.  The market was volatile and although I was leaning towards a down move I just couldn’t hop back in quickly.  Result: -$325.

Trade #3 – Sell 1145.50, Buy 1145.50.  First attempt to get short again but got antsy. Result: Scratch.

Trade #4 – Sell 1143.50, Buy 1141.50.  After getting stopped by only 2 ticks on my mechanical signal and then seeing it drop like a rock I hopped on for 2 pts of the move.  Result: +$200.

Trade #5 -Sell 699.6, Buy 700.7.  This was just a stupid trade that I should have avoided.  Result: -$110.

Trade #6 – Sell 1140.75, Buy 1136.50.  Percent R short signal from the ES chart with a very close signal from the TF chart.  All indexes were lined up on this play.  I did take this trade off 3 ticks early for no other reason than greed/fear.  Result:  +$425.

Trade #7 – Sell 1136.25, Buy 1139.  So this was the mechanical signal from the percent r chart.  This is really tough.  Do you take this signal which is definitely late, or just say you know what, the signal from the Trade #6 was the signal so skip it?  I took it but I think I have to lean to skipping it in the future.  Result:  -$275.

Trade #8 – Sell 1139, Cover 1131.25.  Using my own self-pain as a gauge, I see that my 1139 stop almost nailed the top.  Also, the fact we really couldn’t puncture 1140 gave me confidence to try this short one more time.  Got out where my original target would have been on trade #7.  Result:  +$775.

Trade #9 -Sell 1125 (1), Buy 1127 (1).  Result: -$100.

Trade #10 – Buy 1126.50 (1), Sell 1126.50 (1).  Result: Scratch.

Trade #11 – Sell 1118.75, Buy 1119.75.  Result:  -$100.

Trade #12 – Sell 1119, Buy 1119.  Result:  Scratch.

Trade #13 – Sell 1116, Buy 1118.  Result:  -$200.

Trade #14 – Buy 1122, Sell 1118.  Result: -$400.

Trade #15 – Buy 1118, Sell 1116.25.  Result: -$175

Trade #16 – Buy 1118.50, Sell 1121.75.  Result: +$325.

Trade #17 – Buy 1121, Sell 1119.  Result -$200.

  • PnL:  -$360
  • High Win:  +$775
  • Avg Win: +$431.25
  • High Loss: -$400
  • Avg Loss:  -$198.50
  • Avg of Last 7 Winning Days: +$791.43
  • Avg of Last 6 Losing Days: -$470.42
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