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5/17 Trading Recap

I’m pretty happy with my performance today.  I got sloppy a little bit in the middle of the day, but overall felt I traded my system in a pretty disciplined manner.  I talked to Matt a little mid-day and realized that I was still feeling like I should be accomplishing more in this type of volatility.  I then promptly proceeded to give up all the $400+ in profits I had accumulated thus far.  After lunch I got it back together and finished strong.  I started off the day being very patient and didn’t trade for the first 60+ minutes.  Tomorrow I plan to be as patient with my setups and hopefully continue to tighten it up even more.

Trade #1 – Buy 1127.25, Sell 1125.25.  This was a play on the fact that I thought we were going to be choppy today.  Percent R had crossed into oversold territory and then made a doji so I thought I had some confluence.  Good trade setup, just didn’t work. Result:  -$200.

Trade #2 – Buy 1125.50, Buy 1124, Sell 1126.75 (4).  Result: +$400.

Trade #3 – Sell 1125, Buy 1124.75.  This was my first trade attempt at the %r trade I missed.  See below for additional information.  +$25.

Trade #4 – Sell 1124.25, Buy 1122.25.  I definitely flubbed this trade up a bit.  First I got a mechanical percent r short signal on the 15 min to short at 1126.50.  I wasn’t sure about this trade because the day was indicating it may just be choppy.  After the trade got +2.5 I had a lot of confidence it would continue to drop.  Originally I was going to keep a 5 pt target (7.5 pts away from the mechanical entry) but became flustered once the ES reached the target for the mechanical entry.  I should have at least got +$250 but was so flustered I even left the final 2 ticks on the table.  Result: +$200.

Trade #5 – Sell 116.75, Buy 1118.25.  Thought this was a mechanical percent r setup but by the time the bar closed I realized it wasn’t.  Thought I still give it a shot as it appeared to be going my direction.  Probably should have been quicker to pull this off.  Result: -$150.

Trade #6 – Sell 1117.50, Buy 119.75.   This was a mechanical percent r short signal.  I struggled with this because the market was so choppy and I really tried to pass it up, but it just kept teasing me.  Result: -$225.

Trade #7 – Buy 1119.50, Sell 1118.75.  Result: -$75

Trade  #8 – Buy 1119.75, Sell 1124.  This was just based on the premise I thought the low was in.  Result: +$425.

Trade #9 –  Buy 1127.50, Sell 1128.50.  I jumped the gun on this trade a little and got in at 1127.50 even though the entry should have been 1127.25.  Because I was in the trade even though I shouldn’t have been, I decided to go ahead and take $100 off the table and then try to get a legitimate entry as the mkt was acting weak. Result: +$100.

Trade #10 – Buy 1126.25, Sell 1131.25.   This is a continuation of the above percent r trade.  The mechanical entry was 1127.25 so I was getting a full pt better here.  I had 2 options, I could have reduced my risk my by 1 pt or keep the same risk and have an extra pt of breathing room.  I took the latter and it was the right decision.  Had I kept the mechanical stop it would have been hit, but on this trade I came within 2 ticks and still hit my target.  Result: +$500.

  • PnL:  +$1,000
  • High Win:  +$500
  • Avg Win: +$325
  • High Loss: -$225
  • Avg Loss:  -$162.50
  • Avg of Last 7 Winning Days: +$791.43
  • Avg of Last 5 Losing Days: -$492.50
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