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05/13 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Buy 1163.50, Sell 1168.  This trade was my 9:35 trade applied to 9:40.  Percent r gave a short sig at 9:40 and I put a buy in 1 pt below the close of that trigger bar.  I thought this was a good trade but I did leave some on the table.  This is starting to be a recurring theme and I might was to do some research into this.  Result: +$450.

Trade #2 – Sell 1169.75, Buy 1166.  I took this short as percent r crossed into over-bought territory as well as confluence with yesterday’s VAH at 1169.50.  I already saw one percent r trade fail and just didn’t have much faith in today being a trend day.  While in the trade a mechanical long percent r trade was triggered at 1168.25 and I got out a couple of ticks in front of the stop.  I could have held for a couple more pts but I’m happy with the play as it chopped around a lot and would have been a tough hold.  Result: +$375.

  • PnL:  +$825
  • High Win:  +$450
  • Avg Win: +$412.50
  • High Loss: N/A
  • Avg Loss:  N/A
  • Avg of Last 5 Winning Days: +$745
  • Avg of Last 5 Losing Days: -$492.50
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