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05/12 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Buy 1164, Sell 1161. This trade was jumping the gun.  I had a long bias on the indexes.  The TF gave an almost signal and I got long.  Well the very next bar the TF continued to pullback and gave the legit signal.  Unfortunately it wasn’t shallow enough to save me from getting my stop hit.  Result: -$300.

Trade #2 – Buy 1162.25, Sell 1164.25.  So this is the following bar that gave the legit signal.  The thing is it actually didn’t pull back enough to get the fill.  The entry should have been 1161.25 but only pulled back to 1162.25.  I got long 1 pt above the mechanical entry.  I got conservative because Biegs also told me he was long.  I have a lot of respect for his calls but for whatever reason I get scared when we’re both on the same side.  I could have held for the mechanical target or for another $200.  Result: +$200.

I went on to skip 2 pretty solid percent r signals.  The first being a 5 min long which got to +4.75 pts.  On my mechanical results this will be a scratch trade, however I hope I would have gotten more from it with real money.  I also went on to skip a full target 15 min percent r signal.  I just had a lack of faith in today’s up move as well as it being Wed. which has been terribly negative for percent r so far this year.  Today was different as we had decent volatility and I should have just trusted the signals.  One thing I hope to learn from seeing the +4.75 pt trade is that I need to watch the trades.  I realize this is hard for me and my inclination is just to let the dom manage the trade but here I can see it would have cost at least $250.  I really need to watch my trades if I’m going to get in them.

  • PnL:  -$100
  • High Win:  +$200
  • Avg Win: +$200
  • High Loss: -$300
  • Avg Loss:  -$300
  • Avg of Last 4 Winning Days: +$725
  • Avg of Last 5 Losing Days: -$492.50
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