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05/05 Trading Recap

I started off the day with a clear bias that definitely affected me throughout my trading.  The market was moving a lot in the hour before the open and I became convinced that there was not going to be any opportunity during the regular trading hours.  This caused me to skip even my most profitable trade signal at 9:30 (which turned out to be a winner).  So that just added additional baggage.  I hit a nice amount of profits by 10:30 so I just decided to quit and call it a day.  I think this was one of my best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

Trade #1 – Long 1159.25, Sell 1159.25.  Convinced my only opportunity to make money was going to be pre-market I took this trade about 5 min before the open.  Result:  Scratch

Trade #2 – Long 1159.25, Sell 1158.25.  Another play trying to follow through on the previous trade.  Result: -$100

Trade #3 – Long 1156, Sell 1157.50.  When the market does a “flush”, as Tom Alexander pointed out, I’ve noticed the Dom will do a crazy jolt sometimes.  This worked as a great entry.  I need to continue to study the results of this trade.  Result:  +$150

Trade #4 – Long 1158.50, Sell 1162.50.  Another crazy Dom play.  This was good on my part as the trade got to +$200 and then came back for a shakeout.  I could have held for a much bigger payday but am happy with the play.  Result:  +$400

Trade #5 – Long 699.80, Sell 702.3.  Bought on crossover and then pullback to VWAP.  As in the current post I noticed it worked beautifully on the short side earlier in the morning.  Result:  +$250

Trade #6 – Short 1167.75, Buy 1169.  Shorted a Gap-Ambush play.  I actually got to +4.75 pts of unrealized gains but then let it go all the way to a -1.25 pt loser.  For some reason I had a serious short bias.  Result: -$125

Trade #7 – Short 1168 (4), Buy 1165.50 (2), Buy 1166 (2).  I noticed I coughed up my shares on the previous trade at exactly the wrong time (as usual).  Having experienced this before I was pretty sure we were about to continue with the down move.  This time I took half off on the way down at +2.5 pts.  Actually got to +4.50 pts of unrealized gains but got stopped out on the 2nd half for +2 pts.  At least this time I didn’t let it turn into a loser, but my short bias definitely was affecting me.  Result:  +$450

Trade #8 – Buy 1165.75, Sell 1170.75.  This was my bread and butter percent r trade.  I was definitely hesitant to take this but knew we had a gap to still close above.  I had reconciled in my mind I was going to quit win or lose after this trade though and I would be fine with either outcome.  Fortunately it worked and am glad I pulled the trigger.  Result: +$500

  • PnL:  +$1475
  • High Win:  +$500
  • Avg Win: +$291.67
  • High Loss: -$125
  • Avg Loss:  -$112.50
  • Avg of Last 4 Winning Days: +$725
  • Avg of Last 1 Losing Days: -$125
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