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5/3 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Buy 1191.50, Sell 1191.75.  I took a long on the ES from an “almost” percent R signal on the TF.   These are tricky because I have no statistics on these so I usually lack faith on the trade.  the long signal was at 1190.50 but I accumulated 2 cts for an avg price of 1191.50.  The trade got to 1193.25 so a break-even trade from the original entry.  I noticed though that while the ES only moved a couple of pts the TF had moved 5+ pts.  There was clearly a divergence so instead of waiting for the BE price of 1190.50 I got out at 1191.75 for +.25.  One thing that also weighed on me during this trade was that the room mostly was getting into puts as I was long.  I believe it was still the right move even though I only got 1 tick.  Result:  +$25.

Trade #2 – Short 1191, Buy 1188.  After seeing the TF get +5 pts and the ES barely budge, I actually got short 1191.  This was a little dangerous as it was occurring right at a mechanical long signal but I knew the real long signal had already occurred (see previous trade).  So I shorted with a target of the composite POC.  Result:  +$300.

Trade #3 – Buy 1192.50, Sell 1195.25.  I noticed an inverse head and shoulders on the ES 15 min gap chart.  As it broke it’s neckline there was an “almost” signal from the TF 5 min chart.  I got long and ended up exiting on a +1100 tick signal.  As this was just breaking out from a narrow range this was big mistake.  I need to learn to not just pay attention to the TICK when I get scared.  I cost myself $225 by bailing early on this trade.  Result: +$275

Below are trade signals that were skipped.

Trade #4 – Skipped percent r buy signal on TF 5 minute chart.  The market had already run quite a bit and the TF had already given a very close legitimate signal.  I thought the run could be ending so I passed.  Well the trade would have been break-even.

Trade #5 – Essentially because my PnL was +$600 on the day, I decided to just skip this signal from the 15 min ES gap chart at 3:30 est.   Again I wasn’t impressed by how the ES rolled over at the top however this signal did coincide with the TF crossing into oversold territory.  The trade got to +1.75 pts but closed the end of day +.5 pts essentially causing me to leave $50 on the table.

  • PnL:  +$600
  • High Win:  +$300
  • Avg Win: +$288
  • High Loss: -NA
  • Avg Loss:  NA
  • Avg of Last 3 Winning Days: +$866.67
  • Avg of Last 1 Losing Days: -$125
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