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4/28 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Starting off again with a skipped signal.  The short signal happened as price retraced and the signal to get short was given at 1183.  This was one of those weird spike downs so and quick retracements so it just seemed there was plenty more room the ES could retrace.  Also, the trade immediately moved against the desired direction.  This was a good decision as we hit 1186.50.  One thing I could have done is shorted near 1186 and still given it 1-2 pts.

Trade #2 – Long 1184.75, Sell 1184.75.  Today is a fed day so I knew it could just get choppy.  I thought we had a good chance of moving to the top of the IB at 1188.50 so I took a shot at going long.  After getting +1.5 pts I moved the stop to BE and got taken out on a move to retest the lows. +0

Trade #3 – Short 1182.50, Buy 1184.  Well after the original percent r trade only getting taken out by 2 ticks, I thought it might still have a good chance of getting it’s target.  Reaching 1182.50 got it into +1 pt territory so I know that gives it high chance of getting to +2.5 pt territory.  Well, the ES just double bottomed and I kept my stop small.  -$150

Trade #4 – Short 1191.50, Buy 1189.25.  This was an IB extension play.  Worked great..got to +5 pts but I got +2.25 pts as it started to retrace fast.  I was planning on moving stop to at least break even after getting +5 pts so it was the right move since it retraced all the way to 1191.50 and then dropped like a rock again though. +$225

Trade #5 – Buy 1190, Sell 1188.  This was dumb play.  Hoping the ES would go up and although I had no legit signal, I was making ones up in my head.  -$200

  • PnL:  -$125
  • High Win:  +$225
  • Avg Win: +$225
  • High Loss: -$200
  • Avg Loss:  -$175
  • Avg of Last 2 Winning Days: +$1,000
  • Avg of Last 1 Losing Days: -$125
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