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4/27 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – This trade is actually a passed trade.  At 9:55 the TF gave a buy signal but the ES had just been rejected strong at it’s declining VWAP.  Also it had crossed into overbought territory on the ES and got rejected hard there too.   The NQ was also in a serious downtrend too.  The TF was definitely thee outlier.  Well, even with all the trade would have been a winner.

Trade #2 – Long 1206.50, Sell 1207.50. This was definitely a more risky play.  Because the market started moving in the intended direction I jumped in late.  Way late.  The target for the percent r trade was going to be 1207.25.  I tried to get filled at 1205.25.  I ended up jumping in at 1206.50.  I doubled the contract size and targeted one pt.  I actually got pretty lucky that it got there as the high of the day was 1207.75. +$200

Trade #3 – Short 1205.75, Buy 1204.75, Buy 1201.75.  The 15 min percent R chart gave a short signal at 1205.75.  I wasn’t paying attention and actually missed all the heat on the trade.  I’m lucky the market gave me a chance to still get in the trade as often if you’re not on top of your game you can miss the trade.  I realized quickly I accidentally had double the size on.  I pulled 2 off immediately for +1 pt.  I held the other 2 for +4 pts even though I could have held them for the +5 and even more (way more). +$500

Trade #4 – Short 1189.75, Buy 1179.75.  I definitely don’t get these trades that often.  I got lucky on a couple of instances here.  First the short signal was given by percent r at 1188.  I was waiting for some positive movement on the trade but decided to risk 1.25 pts for a potential 6.25 pts.  Price came within 1 tick of the original stop topping at 1190.75 (3 pt stops for a reason).  I also got lucky because today was the first day of my trial with Alexander Trading.  Tom Alexander was definitely bearish and thought there was potential for a big down move with Breadth below -2000 (I think that’s right).  I had a maximum of 12 unrealized pts but dropped my stop to +10 pts.  I am very happy with the results.  +$1,000

  • PnL: +$1,700
  • High Win:  +$1,000
  • Avg Win: +$566.67
  • High Loss:  N/A
  • Avg Loss:  N/A
  • Avg of Last 2 Winning Days: +$1,000
  • Avg of Last 2 Losing Days:
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