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4/26 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Long 1213, Sell 1215.  Although it wasn’t obvious on a 5 or 15 min chart, the 1.25 range chart was definitely indicating the possibility of Range trade early in the morning for the day.  The bars were bouncing between support and resistance for hours.  I put the order just above the resistance and ended up taking 1.5 pts of heat on the trade.  I really didn’t watch it as I was concerned I may screw it up.  I do need to watch these in the future though just to go through some of the emotions and then hopefully put myself in the position to be less emotional in general.  When I got into this trade I also immediately put a short in at 1216.25 but later took that off.  That was a mistake as I would have shorted 1 tick below the day’s high.  I only would have targeted a couple pts but it still could have been a great trade.

Trade #2 – Long TF 737.3, Sell 738.3.  Friday’s POC was 1207.75.  The ES bottomed at 1207.50.   Also at the same time the 15 min ES chart crossed into oversold territory.  With the confluence, I thought I could catch a pt from the TF and wanted to make sure I didn’t get greedy as this trade had to carry into after-hours territory.

  • PnL:  +$300
  • Avg Win: +$150
  • Avg Loss:  N/A
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