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4/23 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Short 1204.25, Buy 1202.50.  This was as textbook an entry I can for fading a 9:35 percent R signal.  I put the entry exactly 1 pt above the close of the 9:35 bar and got filled pretty quickly.  This definitely is a challenging trade because I am essentially fading my system, but time and again it usually works.  I did really well adjusting my target on this as I had 3 pt target which we touched (but no fill), so I pulled the trade off for +1.75 pts which was a good move.

Trade #2 – Buy 1207.50, Sell 1206.50.  After being pretty patient all day (focused most attention on options trading), I kind of lost it here at the end of the day.  Percent R gave a long signal at 1206.50.  Any other day but Friday, I take this but Fridays are usually no good for percent r trades.  But because the trade was long (and the market only goes up) and because it immediately started moving in the desired direction I hopped in one pt late.  Well for whatever reason, I cough up the trade at the entry which was horribly stupid (as I know it needs to go negative to be bad). I needed to have more patience on this trade without a doubt.

Trade #3 – S 1206.50, B 1207.50.  Really couldn’t have been a stupider move to short on a day like today.  I thought because it was Friday and most percent r trades fail on Fridays I could make money but I need to learn to really pick my shorts more wisely in this market.

Trade #4 – B 1208, S 1209 S 1210.  I bought double my size on this trade.  I really should have been more patient and held it into the close but when you have on double you normal size you usually do things like pull it off too early.

Trade #5 – B 739, S 738.350.  This was just praying the market would get extended at the end of the day and really push into the close.  Not so good.

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