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4/22 Trading Recap

Trade #1 – Short 1189.50, buy 1190.50.  I’ll learn in this market to not short.  When I get trend signals down, just ignore them unless it’s an exceptional day like last Friday.  This signal didn’t even come from the TF chart so I should have just skipped however it came from the 5 min RTH chart which has been working lately.  I took the short but because it was not really a legit signal I pulled the plug quick.

Trade #2 – Short 1194.25, buy 1192.25.  This was not a legitimate signal either.  However on the 15 min we setup but did not confirm.  It still looked like it could be a legit trade.  It worked pretty well but the market is just too bullish to sustain any bearish moves right now.

Trade #3 – Long 1193.75, sell 1193.75.   This was my first legitimate mechanical signal of the day.  I bought 2 at first but then liked the consolidation so much that I took a stab at another 2.  After being in the trade for 30 more minutes I grew tired (especially with double the size).  Also Obama was speaking in an hr so figured the markets would probably be range bound until then.  It was a good thing I got out as the markets ended up spiking down to 1189.  It’s too bad though because the TF did not.

Trade #4 – Short 1296.25, buy 1293.50.  1296 was a serious line in the sand.  The market ran straight up 20 pts today from it’s lows.  At the end of the day you had one of those feelings that it was just going to do nothing but go up.  I saw price “explode” on the dom at 1296 so I shorted.  In hindsight there was probably no reason to not just buckle up and hold this trade into the close.

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