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Percent R Study

So I got a percent R short signal this morning at 8:55 this morning.  I was very hesitant to take the trade because these signals often fail after the ES makes a push down and then you get a hard reversal like we got.  I also think because the market is in a confirmed uptrend on the daily’s that the downward pushes before 9 have just fizzled.  I decided to take the trade though because I waited, hoping the mkt would tip its hand to which direction it wanted to go.  Well the market actually started to go down.  I got in 2 ticks below the entry price which I was OK with.  The market then continued to go down and I got +1.5 (+2 from the actual signal).  My rules only say to do something once I get +2.5 so I sat on my hands.  Well, the ES completely flipped and went on to rally all day.  From now on, be extra hesitant to take this trade.  Also, trading is an art and although it is appropriate to be mechanical in lots of situation, i think i need to learn to be flexible when I’m scared about the trade and get +2 pts (probably a gift).  Don’t be scared to move stop to break-even or even take some profit.

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