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Percent R Epiphany??

After spending some time this weekend reviewing all of the percent r setups that occurred in March, I had something important occur to me.  One of the things that started to stick out like a sore thumb was the fact that many of the losers often didn’t even get +2 ticks of unrealized profit.  So, I will have to do some research on this, but right now I’m thinking instead of placing a market or limit order as I do now, I may now add a little time before I enter the trade.  I think the best approach is if I wait a bit to confirm that the price action does indeed  want to resume the trend.  Also, as part of the same theme, I realized that the best signals seemed to work after some form of consolidation (not after a hard reversal).  These are all things I need to continue to research to see if I can effectively exploit in the market.

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