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9:30 Percent R Signal Trumps All

Trade #1 – So, I already know that if I get a percent r signal at 9:30, this is the highest probability I have in my arsenal right now.  I really should be trading 4 cts when I see it.  It has over an 80% success rate.  This morning though I became concerned.  Whe the TF was giving a very legitimate signal at 9:30 to short, the ES made an inside bar.  It was also red, so it couldn’t even muster the strength to close above it’s open.  It then went on to retest at 9:35.  Well, this is my second highest probability trade.  When I get a signal at 9:35, it is almost always wrong, so I should be fading.   But here in this example, I have my 2 highest probability signals going head to head with each other.  From now on, I should always default to the 9:30 signal.  It would not have gotten +5 but it would have reached break-even.

Trade #2 – This is another classic percent r signal.  This trade dragged on FOREVER.  It was really tough to watch and pay attention.  It did reach my break-even point, but I had to ride it out for 3 hrs to do so.  This is a prime example of needing to adjust targets on certain days.  Very choppy today.  In the future, look for ways to notify days where I pull the entire postion off early or at least half off early.  I definitely had concern for a double top, but just stuck to my mechanical target.

Trade #3 – So this trade was an aggressive trade.  This was a percent r trade taken from the NQ chart.  However, the NQ technically did not give the signal.  It almost retested, but did not give an official signal.  Here I shorted 1118.75 and covered at 1116.25 for +2.5 pts.  I will say I was very much influence by FT71 on this trade as he was extremely during bearish during this period.  He however, had much less risk as he shorted 1122.

Below you’ll see the charts:

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