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Bad Execution = -$300

So this is an example of how impatience and poor execution cost me $800 today.  As a percent r follower, I know my stats indicate that 9:35 is the worst time to take a %r trade.  It actually is profitable to fade the signal.  However I know that you need to put your entry 1 pt lower than the close.  Well in the chart below, the signal was give at 9:35.  The close was 1088.  This should have put my entry at 1087 however I tried to front run the signal and got in at 1087.50.  The result:  I get stopped on the low print of the day 1084.50.  Had I entered at 1087, my stop would have been 1084 and I would have still been long.  The trade eventually gets to 1099.50 but comes back to hit 1097 for what should have been break-even.

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