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What were they thinking?

I know he’s been on awhile, but I’m not really sure that there is anyone I hate more on TV than Dennis Kneale.  When this guy is on CNBC, to me it is literally like nails on chalkboard.  I know Fox Business came and looted some of CNBC’s top talent (Alexis Glick, Eric Bolling, Liz Claman…..), but when they decide to retaliate, they go after the most annoying guy on Fox’s Saturday Morning Lineup?  He wasn’t even the most talented guy on his show (Forbes on Fox).  Well below is my list of other people I wish they would have hired from Fox’s Cost of Freedom (don’t get me started) lineup:

1.  Gary B. Smith – Everybody loves the Chartman!

2.  The Capitalist Pig Jonathan Hoenig – Recommended Gold way before it was cool.

3.  Wayne Rogers – Dude was on M*A*S*H

4. John Bradshaw Layfield “JBL”- Will put the choke hold on a bear market if need be.

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  1. moneyman
    February 21, 2009 at 1:28 am

    FBN took the pick of the litter and left the dreck. Bolling and Claman were the highlights of my day, thank g-d DISH finally gets Fox Business, I’m on it every day now.
    and Kneale? Clearly Fox knows what to let go and what to keep. Not only is he terrible on t.v., he’s ugly and doesn’t play well with others. None of them do. bye bye CNBC

  2. Donald Silverman
    February 24, 2009 at 1:37 am

    I agree. Kneale is a disgrace and JBL, Rogers or Hoenig would have been better choices.

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